Services Offered

Passive Insights services encompasses single family homes and small scale commercial and institutional projects. I offer a large range of energy consulting services and can work with the owner, architect, or builder.

Energy consulting services include;

Energy Modelling

WUFI and manual J energy modelling to determine heating and cooling loads. Modelling is also useful to conduct ‘what if scenarios’ such as determining the effectiveness of adding extra insulation, window sizing, shading and orientation for instance. In addition, I offer modelling to the requirements of SB12 and CSA F280-12 for obtaining your building permit.

Building Envelope Design

Based on modelling results I will recommend appropriate design details and materials to meet the Passive House Standard or your own efficiency goals as your budget permits. These recommendations include;

  • Selection of insulation materials and wall thickness recommendations.
  • Strategies for avoiding thermal bridging.
  • Selection of windows and doors.
  • Design details to meet airtightness.

Mechanical Design Assistance

  • Assistance selecting key HVAC components
  • Ventilation requirements and indoor air quality strategies
  • Detail design of air distribution for heating, cooling, and humidity control.

Passive House Certification

I will provide all necessary consultation and documentation to facilitate certification by the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS).

On Site Construction Support

To ensure your project gets built to the design requirements specified for Passive House Certification.